August 17, 2017, 9am – 5pm
$349 (full-day)

Northwoods room, 3rd floor, Union South (map)

Karl Groves, Web Developer and Accessibility Expert

Karl Groves

Accessibility Expert, Web Developer,

Depending on the audience, accessibility is often treated as either a coding discussion or a compliance discussion, without considering the relationship between the two. Worse, it is almost never discussed as part of the larger discussion of quality. This results in projects that are inaccessible, expensive, and late.

The path to an inclusively-designed and compliant product is paved through the integration of accessibility at all phases of the development lifecycle. Accessibility must begin and continue through management commitment, vision, and planning, through design and coding, to testing, documentation and delivery.

In this workshop, Karl Groves will explore ways for integrating accessibility into software development. Whether you work in a large or small organization, follow an agile or waterfall process, are experienced or just starting out, this workshop will guide you toward reliably developing accessible and usable products.

Integrating accessibility relies on a diverse set of skills across the product-development spectrum, so this workshop is structured to be inclusive and engaging to all skill sets and levels. Your participation will be encouraged through group interaction and shared experiences as we explore the process of building not only an accessible software product, but a culture that sustains cost-effective, ongoing delivery of accessible products.

August 17, 2017, 9am-5pm


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