Venue Accessibility

Our goal is for everyone to be able to participate fully in our events. The following guidance is provided for your convenience.

Details about Memorial Union

Memorial Union is located on Langdon Street near lake Mendota at 800 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53706. For your convenience, the Memorial Union Map [LINK ATTACHED ACCESSIBLE PDF] is linked here for visual use in navigating the building. Below, we’ve provided recommendations for for navigating the Memorial Union in the most accessible way.

Great drop-off spot

If someone is dropping you off, there is a circle at the end of North Park Street where your driver can safely drop you off. The circle is close to two accessible entrances:

  • The Memorial Union Front Entrance on the corner of Langdon Street and North Park Street
  • The Circle Side Entrance to Memorial Union, Shannon Hall

Getting to and navigating the Great Hall, 4th Floor center of the building (Rm 4214)

(This is where the main conference will be held.)

As you enter from the front entrance, you’ll see the elevator past the stairs directly to your right. Take that elevator to the 4th floor. Exit the elevator on the 4th floor and go around the corner. Follow the hallway to the Great Hall where the conference will be held.

Please be aware that an audio induction loop for the Great Hall is not currently available. There is an accessible lift available on the 4th floor to allow access into the Great Hall. An accessible restroom is available right outside the Great Hall.

Getting to the Festival Room, West Wing Lower Level (Rm B196)

(This is the August 23rd workshops and August 24th conference breakout session room.)

We recommend using the ramped entrance closest to the intersection of North Park Street and Langdon Street for access to the Festival Room, where August 23rd workshops and August 24th conference breakout sessions will be held.

An accessible restroom is available directly outside the Festival Room.

Getting to Beefeaters Room, East Wing 3rd Floor (Rm 331)

(This is the August 23rd workshops and August 24th conference breakout session room.)

We recommend using the Alumni Park ramped entrance on the east side of the building farthest from North Park Street. Pass through the main entryway by Daily Scoop and enter the first hallway elevator on your right. This is the Memorial Union West Wing Elevator. Take the elevator to the 3rd Floor (west wing) to the Beefeater Room is just around the corner from the elevator door as you enter the 3rd floor.

An accessible restroom is available down the hall, around the corner on your left.

For questions concerning the accessibility of the conference before or during the event or to request assistance, please contact:

Sandi Arendalkowski
Conference Accessibility Coordinator
410-790-5739 (Call or text)