Leah Ujda

Customer Experience & Professional Services, Widen Enterprises


Leah Ujda, Widen Enterprises


In her role as Project Consultant at Widen, Leah brings together experience in design research, consulting, and library and information studies to direct implementation of Workflow, a creative content production and management application. She creates engaging experiences for customers both in and around their digital products by applying the principles of user-centered design to the implementation and utilization of software.

Leah has an M.A. in Library and Information Studies from UW-Madison, and a B.A. in History and Philosophy from Roosevelt University. She also holds certifications in UX Research and Strategy, and Interaction Design. When she’s not burning through Post-It notes by the ton at the office, she’s likely to be found playing with her dogs or biking and kayaking around Madison.

Breakout session: Putting user research data to work