Talk: Telling stories for social change

Moira O'Neil, Senior Researcher & Dir of Interpretation, speaker at Better by Design conference.


Moira O’Neal

Senior Researcher & Director of Interpretation, FrameWorks Institute

For over a decade, the FrameWorks Institute has been conducting original research into how to most effectively communicate about and further public understanding of complex social issues—the environment, government, race and racism, children’s issues, and health care, among others.

Drawing on this research, Moira will:

  • highlight the key findings from FrameWork’s research on the communications aspects of several social issues
  • offer clear recommendations about what frames to use, which to avoid, and why
  • engage the audience in thinking about how framing helps movements for social change
  • inspire the audience to consider how to use the research in their own communications practice.


FrameWorks Institute was a winner of the 2015 MacArthur award for Creative and Effective institutions.