KEYNOTE: Building (and sustaining) an inspiring design culture

Russ Wilson, Director of Cloud UX at Google

Russ Wilson

Director, Cloud UX, Google

Think about a product you bought recently. Now, think about all the experiences you’ve had as a result of the product–purchasing, shipping, unboxing, setup, regular use, support, and retirement. Increasingly, it’s difficult to separate a product from the experience.

As the work we do becomes more complex and multi-faceted, the value of design–whether product design, user experience design, service design–is increasingly seen as central to sustained success. A well-designed experience isn’t optional; not only has it become the norm, consumers now expect ever more integrated and intuitive experiences. And the trouble with those kinds of expectations is that it’s really, really hard to keep up, especially in large and sometimes fragmented organizations.

Russ Wilson has seen it all, from working as a team of one to directing a team of over 150 people as Director of Cloud UX at Google. He’ll share his insights into how to build and sustain a robust design culture, whether your design team is large and distributed, small and siloed, or even just you. He’s passionate about helping you integrate design thinking into your organization, and rallying people together in pursuit of solving problems.