Jorel Dray

Faculty, Design & Illustration, Madison College

Jorel is an instructor of graphic design at Madison College and creative director/partner for Levee Labs—a small, but mighty, web design and software development agency. He has nearly 10 years of experience under his belt from his time at Hiebing, where he started as an entry-level interactive designer and left a senior art director/partner.

Jorel’s a self-proclaimed lifelong learner with a broad skill-set ranging from traditional print and branding to website design, animation, and just about anything in-between. He’s a sucker for great ideas with beautiful executions regardless of the medium. His work has been featured on, Graphis, and Comm Arts.

Outside of class you’ll catch him unrhythmically stomping and clapping to music at venues like the Sh*tty Barn or drinking the latest craft-barrel-aged-something-something out of one of those fancy glasses. If you want to nerd out over the possibilities AR and VR, go find him. Bonus points may be considered for anyone who knows what superhero he’s named after.


Talks and workshops: