Eric Steege

Director, American Family Insurance

Eric Steege couldn’t have predicted and doesn’t believe in a clear career path. He was a professional soccer player turned D1 college soccer coach and sport psychology consultant; a start up founder (failed and humbled) turned learn-by-doing Lean Startup/Design Thinking evangelist (because he failed and was humbled); and a start up/product development consultant turned builder of innovation communities and management systems within AmFam that support and empower employees to drive impact and unleash their entrepreneurial spirit.

He does believe that you should treat your company’s culture as a product and can use human-centered design principles to design an awesome company culture.

Eric is currently the Director of Ignite Methods and manages a portfolio of 15 diverse innovation teams and a community of innovation coaches that teach employees new problem-solving skills and mindsets while generating growth by building new value propositions and business models. Eric’s team coaches leaders and teams to use Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Agile techniques to ensure work is de-risked and focused on solving a real customer problem and driving business impact.

Talks and workshops: