WORKSHOP: Design standards that work

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 — Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

August 23rd — August 23rd

1:00 pm @ Festival Room, lower level

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    Half-day workshop: Thurs, Aug 23, 1-4:30p

    It’s easy to reach for standards to improve the quality of our services.

    Creating simple, clear instructions on what good looks like and how to get there sounds like a great idea, and it is. But standards only work if they’re right and people follow them.

    In this workshop, Lou Downe will lead you through a look at how to make standards work. We’ll look at what it means to treat the people who use your standards and patterns like users and the full spectrum of things you need to do to support these users to build great services.

    Lou has years of experience leading and evolving design standards for the entire UK government.


    Lou Downe

    Keynote, Director of Design, UK Government

    Lou Downe