How to discover what your users really need (Festival Room)

Friday, August 24th, 2018

August 24th

1:00 pm @ Festival Room, lower level

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    Needs versus wants. It’s easy to ask the people who use your products what they want. In response, they’ll often give you a long “wish list” of items. However, this won’t actually help you understand how users can get the most value out of your product. Why? Because what they want isn’t necessarily what they need (or what they use).

    In this presentation, Paige Bennett, Senior Design Researcher at Dropbox, will talk about different methods that can help you discover the real needs of your users. Citing three case studies, she will explain each method’s elements, taking into account different budgets, resources and timelines.

    Because insights are only useful if they’re understood and implemented, she will also share impactful ways to bring user needs to life for the rest of your team.

    You will learn different methods that can help them uncover their user’s needs and surface behavioral drivers in order to design a truly useful experience, as well as new ways to share those insights with your team.


    Paige Bennett

    Senior Design Researcher, Dropbox

    Paige Bennett