WORKSHOP: Growing design culture and capacity in your organization

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 — Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

August 23rd — August 23rd

8:30 am @ Festival Room, lower level

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    Half day: Thurs, Aug 23, 8:30a-12p

    From governments to higher education to national retailers, everyone’s talking about how design might help them deliver what they do more efficiently and enable better outcomes for their users.

    It’s become the new competency that organizations, both public sector and private, are seeking to build into their capability set.

    But it’s not easy to build this as an organizational competency. You might be asking yourself:

    • How do you do it?
    • Where do you start
    • And once you’ve started, where do you go next?
    • What does ‘getting there’ look like?
    • What might the journey look like and what will I need to invest in to become ‘user-centered’

    In this half-day masterclass, Sarah Drummond, co-founder and managing director of We Are Snook, an award-winning global design consultancy, will take you along a journey of how organizations are embedding design at all stages of growth, from startup to scaling design capabilities across a large, enterprise organization.  They’re sustaining design and growing a culture that focuses on delivering services that continuously meet user needs.

    We will open up our approach to embedding design within organizations and what’s important to consider, from choosing the right projects to work on to building user-centered products and services that scale up in the long-term.

    We’ll also cover practical tips on how to build design cultures such as open show and tells, building discipline networks and cross departmental groups to the cultural and scalable user-centered product stuff that often gets missed.

    You’ll hear case studies of successes and lessons from working with local government to national retailers. You’ll also participate in practical exercises, reflecting on Snook’s Design Capability Framework to highlight what works well at what stage, what you can prioritize and what you should avoid doing.

    Together, we’ll build a consensus of scalable strategies and products that can work in-house for organizations at different stages on the journey to embed design. We’ll publish the results post workshop so we have a shared roadmap of what works and what doesn’t in bringing design in-house.

    Finally, you’ll leave with a strategy outline on what you or your organization needs to do in the long run to build design capabilities in-house.

    Who may benefit from this masterclass?

    This interactive session is for everyone but highly recommended for:

    • Those starting out in building design cultures, capacity or processes into their business
    • Designers new to working inside business
    • Individuals tasked with building design capability
    • Individuals who are on the journey to embed design but want to look ahead at what’s next

    Key takeaways will include:

    • Understanding what level of maturity the organization you or seek to work with might be at
    • Gaining practical approaches to build design capability inside your business
    • Choosing an ideal project for your level of organizational design maturity and pitch the idea
    • Building a strategy outline for how you can work with your organization to take home the concept


    Sarah Drummond

    CEO, Design Strategist, We Are Snook

    Sarah Drummond