WORKSHOP: Collaboration tools: From the negotiating table to the design studio

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 — Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

August 23rd — August 23rd

1:00 pm @ Beefeaters Room, third floor

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    Half day: Thurs, Aug 23, 1-4:30p

    This workshop gives you practical skills to:

    • Collaborate successfully with developers, designers, managers, marketing, and others with differing perspectives
    • Navigate conflict and disagreement
    • Come to agreement when you feel like you’re on opposite sides
    • Garner support for your projects and ideas
    • Cultivate allies in your organization

    Openness, optimism, creativity, curiosity, empathy, teamwork, and user-centered focus are all aspects of design thinking. They’re very similar to aspects of an approach to resolve issues called Structured Negotiation. Structured Negotiation is a collaborative problem-solving strategy that Lainey has developed and refined in her work as a disability rights lawyer addressing technology accessibility. (Basically: Get companies to agree to make their technology accessible, without lawsuits.)

    This workshop guides you through applying these collaboration and negotiating tools in your work situations. It draws on perspectives from Shawn’s collaborative work in the user experience (UX) field (since back when it was called “usability”), and recent experience in consensus decision making among international stakeholders at the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

    From this interactive workshop, you’ll understand how to cultivate and leverage qualities of:

    • Empathy (understanding other people’s experiences)
    • Optimism and confidence
    • Trust and recognition
    • Persistence and patience
    • Equanimity

    We’ll explore strategies for:

    • Establishing credibility
    • Finding commonalities
    • Respecting small steps
    • Understanding the impacts of fear
    • Fostering a positive environment

    Join us to learn how to get more from your teams, your project leaders, your clients, and yourself — in your work and in other aspects of life.

    NOTE: The facilitators of this workshop are not sharing slides publicly.


    Lainey Feingold

    Author, Negotiator, Disability Rights Lawyer

    Lainey Feingold

    Shawn Henry

    Accessibility Evangelist, W3C Web Accessibility Intiative

    Shawn Henry