Keynote: The future of (public) service design (Great Hall)

Friday, August 24th, 2018

August 24th

4:00 pm @ Great Hall, 4th floor

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    Lou will tell the story of how one of the most complex organizations in the world was able to implement service design—and how your organization can, too.

    Like in many countries, the UK government is the nation’s oldest and largest service provider. Most people who work in government are involved, in some way, in delivering services. Everyone wants to help make the best service they can. But the very structure of government often works against them.

    Government is vast—and old. It is set up in siloes. It isn’t set up to deliver services. The challenge in government isn’t in convincing people of the value of service design. Or the value of building things for users.

    The challenge is linking people up so that they can work together and deliver joined-up end-to-end services that can be sustained over time. In this talk we’ll show how the approach of GDS and others to service design has changed over the past 5 years to tackle the next challenge for service design—scale and sustainability.


    Lou Downe

    Keynote, Director of Design, UK Government

    Lou Downe