The art of feedback (Great Hall)

Friday, August 24th, 2018

August 24th

2:00 pm @ Great Hall, 4th floor

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    We’ve all been there: A place where the project is at the crossroads of greatness or forgettable. The team is on the edge of leveling up or burning out.

    If you’re giving feedback, how are you going to inspire and motivate your team even in the face of a challenging situation? If you’re receiving feedback, how are you going to keep your confidence and see the project across the finish line?

    In this talk, you’ll hear first-hand accounts of wins and losses, practical (and not so practical) tips and tricks, and an activity or two to become a fine-tuned critiquing machine.


    Jorel Dray

    Faculty, Design & Illustration, Madison College

    Jorel Dray