Workshop: Design Sprints


April 27, 2017 / Full Day (9a-5p)
333 East Campus Mall, Room 11301

University of Wisconsin-Madison


A design sprint is a time-boxed, collaborative way to quickly validate an idea and ensure you design something people actually need and/or want. C. Todd Lombardo (co-author of the book Design Sprint) and Alex Sylvia will guide you through this day-long mini design sprint workshop to help you get firsthand experience of what it’s like to participate in and, maybe one day soon, lead a design sprint.


In this workshop, small groups will work their way through each phase of a design sprint. Along the way, we’ll discuss tips and gotchas for how to execute design sprints in your organization and hear stories of how other organizations have implemented them.


Workshop facilitators

C. Todd LombardoC. Todd Lombardo

C. Todd Lombardo is a leader who wears many hats: Author, designer, scientist, professor, and data visualizer. After originally beginning his career in science, he shifted his focus to product and design, helping, building, and launching products for companies large and small. In his role as Chief Design Strategist at Fresh Tilled Soil, he creates impactful solutions that radically transform clients’ products. C. Todd also serves as Adjunct Faculty at IE business School in Madrid, and co-authored the Design Sprint book published by O’Reilly.



Alex SylviaAlex Sylvia

Alex Sylvia is a Senior User Experience Designer for Fresh Tilled Soil. Being in the industry for over 6 years, she has worked on projects large and small, ranging from education to fitness. Strategizing and problem solving have always been her favorite aspects of a project. Through her role in facilitating design sprints, she has been able to help clients realize and build meaningful solutions.