KEYNOTE: Lead by design

There has never been a more exciting, or challenging, time to be a designer. Our work now has the potential to touch billions of people, and our collective stock as an industry has put us into leadership roles that didn’t exist even a few years ago.


But in order for us to make the most of this magic moment in our history, to truly build influence and elevate our work to have maximum impact, we need to inspire everyone in our organizations to embrace design principles and weave design thinking into every aspect of the decision making. We need to help everyone around us to see design’s value beyond pleasing aesthetics, but as something vitally important to the overall health and success of an organization.


By stepping up and leading by design, we can create lasting impact, transform organizations and successfully tackle the most challenging problems.


Bryan Zmijewski, Chief Instigator and Founder, ZURB

Bryan Zmijewski

Chief Instigator and Founder, ZURB