Introduction to Service Design

Service Design: the practice of planning and organizing an ecosystem of channels and interactions to deliver a seamless and fulfilling experience to users.

While interest in design and design thinking has exploded in the last decade, service design remains a relatively new phenomenon. Despite this, service design is starting to gain traction as both a strategic priority, and a proven tool inside some of the world’s leading brands, as companies identify the need to truly understand the customer or user. This signifies a shift in the way traditional brands are operating. Organizations are beginning to turn their attention to an often neglected piece of their operations: maintaining and sustaining customer relationships. It is certainly not business as usual.


In this talk, we’ll draw on learnings from client case studies, basic service design theory, and a few tip and tricks we’ve learned along the way in order to introduce you to the practice of service design.


Marie Serrano

Associate, Service Design, Bridgeable



Katherine Monteith

Senior Associate, Service Design, Bridgeable