Big UX Problems and How to Solve Them

Chances are, you are either working on solving a big UX problem or you want to work on solving a big UX problem. What are designers if not problem-solvers? And what type of problem-solver doesn’t love a big chewy challenge?


We gravitate to big problems for all sorts of reasons, but mostly because solving a big problem gives us big satisfaction. Yet often, we set out to solve a big problem and we never get to that big satisfaction. Bureaucracy, funding, bad project management, waning motivation, and complexity get in the way.


In this talk, Sophia Voychehovski won’t help you with cutting through the red tape, talking to investors, reworking your timeline, or getting your motivation mojo back. But she will help you untangle complexity. And funny enough, when you simplify a big problem—it’s not so big any more.


Photo of Sophia Voychehovski, a speaker at the Better by Design conference.

Sophia Voychehovski

Founder and Lead UXer, Rewired