Garrett Lee

Co-Creator, GoodPoint


Garrett Lee, speaker at the Better by Design conference











Garrett Lee used to design and create biomolecular switches to turn genes on and reprogram cells. As a a connectionist and futurist, and honoring the Wisconsin Idea, he’s taking the systems approach out of the laboratory and into the community to design simple and innovative solutions to social problems. Garrett volunteers the majority of his time with organizations and projects that deal with socioeconomic inequality. His hobbies include enjoying time with his 7-year-old son, Ethan, going on adventures, playing disc sports, connecting and conversing with people, seeking and learning, and constantly aspiring to be his best self.


Garrett, inspired and crazy enough to believe he can tackle the most pressing problem of our generation, socioeconomic inequality, has founded WHOA! (We Help One Another) to help one another fulfill our basic needs and elevate personal, interpersonal, and community well being. In order to begin fulfilling WHOA’s mission, Garrett has co-created GoodPoint, a community currency that aims to give participants access to their basic needs as gifts for sharing their gifts and goodness in the community.



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