Bryan Zmijewski

Chief Instigator and Founder, ZURB


Bryan Zmijewski, Chief Instigator and Founder, ZURB








Bryan grew up in Minnesota and moved out to California when he was accepted into Stanford University. Not only did Bryan make it out of Stanford with a degree in product design, but the university eventually asked him back to teach in the Product Design Department. Besides teaching at Stanford for 10 years, Bryan worked as a toy designer in the early days of his career, designing toys for Skyline Toys, which IDEO eventually bought out.


After leaving the playful world of toy design, Bryan started 3 businesses, including ZURB in 1998. For the last two decades, Bryan’s advised over 300 successful startups and companies who have created billions of dollars and touch hundreds of millions of customers. His unique approach to design thinking has spawned software like ZURB’s Foundation and Notable, used by millions of designers, and inspired companies to embrace ZURB’s Progressive Design.


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